Simply track hours and estimate Pay.

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Create jobs

Configure Jobs

Create a list of jobs.

Track hours by week

Track Hours

Track hours for each job week by week.

Record hours

Record Hours

Record hours to each job.


I would Like feature 'X'

I will be happy to implement it if it seems like it will help many people. You can either visit the website listed below or you are welcome to email me at

I want to display summaries bi-weekly or monthly.

Sorry, I am only allowing hours to be displayed weekly for now. If I get enough requests I may implement this feature. For now please add the weeks together you would like the summary for.

What about exemptions?

The App assumes no exemptions in payroll. It would have been lots of work every year to accurately fix this because the IRA provides tables rather than formulas. See page 45 of this document for the tables. For most shift workers that are young and Single with no dependants this should be fairly accurate.

The hours sum is not accurate.

I chose to make the hours figure more of an equivalent hours due to being able to add overtime hours. So, if you log hours at time-and-a-half it will multiple the hours by 1.5 for the hours summary. In practical use it should not matter because the email button will still send the accurate number.

What is your privacy policy?

I don't store any data on my servers, or even contact any remote servers in the App. I may configure Google Analytics tracking code at some point but currently it is not in use.

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